Codey, an established Photographer , influencer, and crypto enthusiast has served as a useful source to those seeking content creation, growth marketing,  community building tips, or advice in the blockchain space.

He finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it with documenting his passions, thoughts, and involving himself in projects in the art and blockchain space focusing on community growth, content creation, marketing and education.

His mission is to cover events with his skills as a visual artist, talk about the future of blockchain while documenting his travels, and give advice on how to build a strong crypto community. 

Codey is currently working with a non profit that has gained national attention and driving crypto mass adoption known as Tour de Crypto.

Codey has been featured in the Wall Street Journal for his involvement in blockchain projects and early investments in the space. 

Codey receives over 3,000,000 Impressions from his Social Media channels monthly.

If you would like to collaborate please feel free to reach out.